A lie leads to another lie. Hold on to the truth.

London was awesome but home is always a littel bit better!

Just got home from London! Been there for 4 days and everyday was such a laugh!
We had to walk a lot but every walk step was worth it! So much to see! According to Sweden, England is sooo different, even if it takes 2 hours with the flight!

I bought a bikini from Abercorombie & Fitch, 2 blouses and some other things !
The underground is seriously crazy!! Sooo many ways to chose between, and it’s loads with people and very crowded!
The people who lives there are seriously so nice, they will help you with everything and all i met under these 4 days where very kind!

And at saturday i was supposed to meet some friends who lives in England! But the night before they texted me and said that thay can’t becaue of theire girlfriends…. and i guess it was a lasy way to say “hey i’m a chicken” or “omg my girlfriend will get sooo mad at me so i can’t go see my friend, that i’ve promised a month a go!”
So yeah that made my saturday a bit sad tbh! But whateva in my mind i think that they thinks it’s okey to chat but when it gomes to real life…. NAaa!!

But exept that little moment everything was perfect! And i can’t wait to get back there!!!

And we also went to Hyde Park it was Champion Leguage festival there! So fun to meet loads with people! And handsome guys!

Some of them wanted to take pictures with me and my litte sister HA! it was a bit fun! And also some wanted us on BBC news and spanish news! that was a bit cool!

Sister, model, me (the pics got a bit blurred by my cam)


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