A lie leads to another lie. Hold on to the truth.


Today was such an unessesary school day, started 9.40 pm with music lesson and i got my grade! and it went great! and after my teacher gaved us our grade, it was lunch time for 2 hours i think and then we had maths got our exam back! and it went great on that aswell! 😀

I’ve been in the city for a while with Cecilia, and now i’m at home doing nothing. Probably going to some cafe with Frida, i’m going to help her with her homework. And ofc we have loads to talk about, i’ve missed her so much during my time in London.

This day i’ve had such a headache and a sore throat. Gggha i really don’t want to get ill now, it’s so soon till summer holiday (next friday).



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