A lie leads to another lie. Hold on to the truth.

The city ( no lifers )

Slept at Frida’s place last night! We watched a film before we went to sleep haha, we saw The Sweetest Thing! But we were to tierd so we went to bed and saw the rest of the film this morning! And daaaamn that film is so funny haha!

I just took a shower and got dressed, Frida and I are going in to the city again , i think this is the third time we are there for this week lool, but i mean there’s not much to do in Stockholm when you’re under 18, and have a few free days off, but still there’s almost something going on in the city! Like yesterdayit camed up two guys who spoke to us, and told us that they are working as strippers o.O made us laugh pretty much, and they wanted us to follow them on a party heeelllnoo because one of them was 25 HA ! they also wanted to have our facebook and phonenumbers…. But good girls don’t give out them to random strippers strangers L O L !

But today i think we’re going to shop a bit if we find anything good! ^^

Time to goooo baiiii !




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