A lie leads to another lie. Hold on to the truth.

Woop woop

Yesterday was such a fun time in the park! I was with Frida, Moa, Linnea, Cecilia and other friends to her. We played football in the park, it didn’t went so good, it was so slippery on the grass….

We met other people there aswell that i recondice because we went in the same school before …

One of my friends (not saying the name) she hoccked up with a guy, and started to snogg with him, on the grass.  I was so chocked, because she never use to do things like that HHAHAHA so i was just laughting at her, and the people around was looking at them and laughted as well and was like wooooow they’re really snogging their face off ROFLMAO! nhaaa that was mean of me lol, and she had and still have panic and said how  embaressing it was and is, (she drank a liiiiitle bit to much i must say), so in the morning (she and Moa slep at my place) she was like omg i don’t wanna know what happend last night, she remember a bit of it, but not all details so i told them to her, and she didn’t belive me and she said ‘no i didn’t do that !’ hahahhaha….. but aaah well things like that happens sometimes and she said to me ‘next time we are doing something like this, it’s your turn to do something embaressign like that so we’re on the same level’ xD


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