A lie leads to another lie. Hold on to the truth.

Flats in England

Looking on flats in different places in England!
I gotta say that many places are having good prices!
I can really see the difference between the prices in London and other parts in England for example Surrey.

I’m going to graduade school summer 2013! And After that I whould love to move to England, in my own little flat! Go to uni there, find a job, working after school time, or on the weekends! And just live life!
So i’m guessing I have to start put away some money till that!
Going to write a cv later on!
And in the upcoming weeks i’ll go around to different shops/cafés and search after a job!
That’s my plan for now. And a good start!
You have to start somewhere right?
Follow your dream and never let anything be in the way for that !!
Do what you wanna do, even if some people are going to tell you how hard it is, with economy and jobs and so on…,
But if you really wanna do something that badly!


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