A lie leads to another lie. Hold on to the truth.

Awesooooome !

I have had an awesome day with lovely friends and family!
In the morning I went on core with my mum and my uncles girlfriend!
In the evening me and a few friends went to Friday’s for dinner, was seriously soooo yummy!!!
It was Frida’s 18th b-day aswell! 😀
When Frida and 3 other friends of ours are also 18 so they went our on a club afterwords, while me, and 2 other went home!
I went home to my grandparents place, there my greatgrandmum, my mum, dad, my uncle, his girlfriend, and my baby cousin was!
We watched eurovision song contest hahah!

Feels like we were this young yesterday!
Well time flyes away while you’re having fun!^^
Love youuuuuu bestie, and thanks for an awesome evening with great friends!
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Frida and I a few years ago, at Frida’s place!


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