A lie leads to another lie. Hold on to the truth.

Guess who’s tired

Today I’ve only got 4 hours of sleep hahaha!
Miriam had sent me a text around 10 this morning, so then I woke up.
We had planed to get to the solarium to get some tan, we went there around 12.
We bought some lotion that was going to give us a faster brown effect! It was sooo not a pretty sign afterward….., Instead of getting brown we got red…. seriously…. we looked like tomatoes. Suuuuuuch a bad luck.
When we went out in the fresh air for a bit, the red tone was starting to fade away.
We headed of to McDonald’s for some lunch, was very yummy.

When I got home I was kind of tired, watched a bit on tv, took a bath.
I’ve notice that my skin is much warmer then it use to be.
I think it’s still a bit burned tbh (saaadfaaacee). hahah

Later on this evening i’ve no plans. Sometimes it’s so nice to have the feeling that you haven’t decided any plans, just knowing that you can be at home take it easy and just chill.
That’s what i’m going to do, and turn on a good film.


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