A lie leads to another lie. Hold on to the truth.

Thursday – Saturday

Good morning readers!
This is what I’ve been up to these past three days

I ended a few hours earlier then I should have, and after that I headed off to my uncle, his girlfriend and my baby cousin. I slept there. I did some practicing on my national test, that I had the day after.

My national test went so good, really! I was chocked that it went that well actually.
This evening I stayed home, to be together with my family.
I also looked a bit on flats/apartments in London. Because after i’ve graduated (within 1 year) I know that I want to go to London to study, or work.

So, yesterday morning, I headed off to the gym with my mum, we went on core class, it was really nice! I can feel that I’ve aches after training haha.
After that I took a bath, and then me and my mum was watching the vampire diaries!
Then we headed off to the mall, we were going to buy a present for my cousin Simon, who turned 18 yesterday!
At the mall I bought feather earrings, neckless and a pair of sunglasses.
Later on in the evening my family headed off to my cousin and celebrated his birthday which was really fun!


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