A lie leads to another lie. Hold on to the truth.


Got home from Moa a while ago!
We have had a really good ti i really have tome!
When we got home to her place, we went outside and trying to get some tan, the weather was awesome!

And then we came to the party! It was kind of fun till first, but then the police came, they took everyone’s drink with alcohol. Someone broke a door, people was dancing on a piano, there was also a fight, and other things.
Moa and I decided that it wasn’t fun anymore, so we called her parents, then they picked us up, so nice of them.
When we got back home, we saw a bit on Finding Nemo, and ate chocolate, till we got tired and went to sleep.

And atm i’m soooo tired, watching some tv, so i’m just going to chill and watch a film i think! BUT I really have to get some studying done, so that’s what I have to do now.


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