A lie leads to another lie. Hold on to the truth.


Gotta saaaay! Isn’t it awesome with fridays!?
Weekend to look forward to.
Today in school was fun, we had classphoto today. And the last year we have this thing when we can decide a theme on the photo, and ours was that girls should dress out as guys, and the other way around. Turned out to be really funny, and probably the most ugliest thing hahahha.
After school I went to the mall there I met up with my uncle Linus, my soon 1 year old cousin Ines and my younger sister Moa. Ofc I had to remove all the “guy” make up I had putted on before.
Now i’m at home, sitting in my room, laughing at the classphoto, sooo funnnnyy!!
Going to tidy up in my room pretty soon.
And even laaaaater after that i’ll have to take a bath, and just enjoy this friday, just having a relaxing evening, and watch True Blood.
Time for loud music, and then I can start tidy up in my room!
Baaiiiii for now! Have a good friday!

Today’s look, and classphoto:

Miriam and I


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