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Then it was sunday

Morning people!
How come that monday is so far away from friday, and friday so close to monday… baaad.
Well yesterday was fun!
Had a few friends over for dinner, we had yummie food, and danced our asses off, laughed, girltalk, and so on…
But now this morning I seriously had the weirdest dream! I’m ain’t going to tell yaaa, so weird was it. lool
But anyhow, I have to start getting ready in a few minutes, because in 40 minutes ish i’ll head off to the football field, (my uncle is a trainer) and he’s going to have a match with hisĀ  team. And I’m going to be there to babysit my little cousin.

And later on this evening we’re going to have relatives over for some celebration for my sisters 16th birthday, (she turned 16 at wednesday).

Anyhow here are a few pics from last night:



Gotta saaaay! Isn’t it awesome with fridays!?
Weekend to look forward to.
Today in school was fun, we had classphoto today. And the last year we have this thing when we can decide a theme on the photo, and ours was that girls should dress out as guys, and the other way around. Turned out to be really funny, and probably the most ugliest thing hahahha.
After school I went to the mall there I met up with my uncle Linus, my soon 1 year old cousin Ines and my younger sister Moa. Ofc I had to remove all the “guy” make up I had putted on before.
Now i’m at home, sitting in my room, laughing at the classphoto, sooo funnnnyy!!
Going to tidy up in my room pretty soon.
And even laaaaater after that i’ll have to take a bath, and just enjoy this friday, just having a relaxing evening, and watch True Blood.
Time for loud music, and then I can start tidy up in my room!
Baaiiiii for now! Have a good friday!

Today’s look, and classphoto:

Miriam and I


Helluuuu all happy people.
Sitting here eating some breakfast and listening on music.

Yesterday was fun, celebrated my younger sisters 16th birthday.
It’s not going to happen much today, a normal school day, then later on i’ll head off to the gym forĀ  body pump and core class. that’s pretty much it.
Today’s look:


Sitting in the sofa, eating some candy and watching the swedish x-factor with my mum and sister. My dad is away getting a bigger present for my sister, it’s her birthday tomorrow! I really can’t believe that it’s her 16th birthday tomorrow. Just shows how fast this year have rushed away.
Today had been a normal school day, there nothing unusual happened, just the same old same old.
When I got home, me and my sister was juuuust being random with each other and had a really good time.

Today’s style:


I’m a bit stressed, buuuut time to head off to school!
Today’s look:


Sunday’s are soooooo boring!!!

But this weekend have been good though!
Friday evening I was with my friend Emelie, we followed her older sister and her boyfriend to the cinema and saw Looper! It was actually pretty good.
After that we had sleepover at her place, was so funny! we talked almost the whole night! haha
And yesterday we we went to a cafe, and talked looaaadddsss, girstuffs yaaa knoooow!
Later on yesterday I styled my mum, haha she and my best friend Cecilia’s mum and other friends to them headed out clubbing! So it was fun to style her! loool
Me and Emelie yesterday:



Yesterday was sooooo fun! Amanda had no idea about the surprise party! You should’ve seen her face when all of us jumped in front of her! hahahahah
Do you recon I was tired in school today, mhmm I was. But it was worth it, just to celebrate Amanda that i’ve known for my whole life.

Otherwise this day wasn’t unusual from the other schooldays.
But today! Finally my class have fixed a bit with our classparty for graduation that all calsses are having at clubs and so on, and we’ve also fixed with our truck for graduation that we’re going to party like hell on! (the truck is driving around in the city).
Hellyeaaahhhh I really can’t wait for graduation!!!