A lie leads to another lie. Hold on to the truth.



Weeellll, this morning i’ve actually time to do some blogging before i’m heading off to school. I start at 11am today.
Well today i’ve only got 2 lessons yaaaay!
Got a test on the last lesson (science) funnnnnyyyy….

And later on today i’m actually going on a party hahah. Which i recon are going to be pretty fun.
Anyhooow today’s look, AND also this is how my hair looks like after i’ve been at the hairdresser. Well I had to dye it a little bit more blonder yesterday at home, BECAUSE the highlights that I got, made my hair look like bacon… So I really had to fix it in some way. hahah


Honestly will do less harm.

What I really dislike are when people are being dishonest.

I mean, why should it be so difficult to be honest to people, specially to the one they really care about.
If they have something to say, or say what they feel, or maybe there’s some kind of problem they want to tell. They should do that.
Instead of trying to get out of it, in some other more difficult way, that makes the other person believe they’ve done something wrong. Plus it makes them wonder and wants to understand, about what’s really going on in their heads.

If something feels wrong or if something is wrong, or just something you’ve been thinking a lot about and want to clear your heart, just let the other person know what’s going on, instead of trying to avoid and get a sneaky way out of it.
Trust me…. People notice when people are being dishonest, or not telling the truth, specially if someone is close to you.

Being honest, and telling the truth will do so much less harm then being dishonest.

Tbh, it’s sooooooo frustrating when people ain’t honest. I just don’t understand. Why should it be so difficult to say whats going on. If there is a problem just say it straight out, instead of letting the “wondering” person go around and wonder about what’s going on. While you’re trying to let the problem fall out in the sand. But you know what the “wondering” person will always wonder about what happened, it will always stick around in their minds. So just be nice and tell the truth. Many, or I believe that all people appreciate hearing the truth 🙂

(sorry if the writing got kiiiiiiind of messy, but I hope you understand what my point with this was.)


Hellluuu there!
Getting ready, to head off to meet a family, (going to start working as a babysitter through a company). Which should be really fun, because i really like kids.
So today I’ll have a meeting with the family, and talk through things and so on.
And after that I’ll head off to my cousin who lives nearby, and then we’re going to head off to my place for sleepover! I haven’t seen my cousin Selma for a looooong time, so tonight is going to be really fun tbh!

And yesterday I was with my friend Olivia, we saw this film called The Woman In Black. And seriously, there was nooooo time in the film where I could relax, always something terrifying to expect in that film. Luckily I could sleep through the night. lool!


I’m sooo in love with this watch by Michael Kors.
This is really something I wish by my parents on my 18th birthday.


This is so truuuuue!
Brand by: Cheer Up clothing

Normal day (mobile blog)

Well….. It has been a normal day. I’ve been in school and after school my class had to head off in to the city (in groups) for an assignment to our subject “the city and the future”… We had a street to go to, but my group didn’t found our street! It was a random one we got… So we gave up after a few kilometres of walking. Lol we decided to use google maps for our assignment, mhmm…
When I got home I took a little nap, just made some dinner to my family and now I’m going to eat it.
Keep have a good Thursday yaaa all!
Today’s look:



This has actually been a really good school day!
Even though we didn’t do anything usual from what we use to do in school.

Just got home, and now I’m actually not doing much, thinking about making something yummy to eat.
And later on today, maybe I’ll go to spinning and core class, at the gym. Haven’t really decided yet. We’ll see what i’ll do.

But anywayyyyys!
This was today’s look: